Monthly Archives: January 2012

Ragged and Worn

Ragged and worn

Weary and burdened

With nothing left to give but broken remnants

Remnants of who I was, pieces of an identity that shielded the truth

The truth of who you made me to be

This ragged and worn reality convinced me that I was lost and surrounded by hopelessness;

Everyday seemed an unending facade, meaning was lost in a tirade of monotony.

Apathy surrounded on all sides, pressing in, trying to consume the very heart of existence.

It blinded me to the authenticity and even the tangibility of your grace

But you are there gently pulling me out

Stress and conflict take me back to searching for quick and easy relief

My mind is a swirl of continuous thought. Keeping me blocked, preoccupied, causing me to be completely self absorbed.

All the while
Your arms are the place of my restoration

Your love the transforming fire of renewal and redemption