Wasn’t Always

Dry, that’s the only way to describe it – this desert.

Parched, broken, all life resigning, giving up.

It wasn’t always like this…

Once, a mighty river flowed through, life surrounding it on all sides.

No one feared for drought, for the promise of Your presence was the life source, the hope.

But now barrenness seems to overrun.

What was before, is now only a distant memory.

A once strong pillar of hope is now, quickly fleeting.

Even the remnants of what was, seem to be turning to dust. Remnants pulverized to nothing.

Once strong resounding voices, are now faint hoarse whispers.

What was taken for granted is now desperately cried out for.

The world has crumbled all around and the struggle to find our hope is our deepest battle.

We question if you have forgotten your beloved ones.

Our hearts plead that you would come and save us, oh Lord.

For we have nowhere else to go and our strength and resilience is waning.

We are lost, desperately lost without you.

Save us from the oblivion we have wandered into.


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