Lately, you’ve been feeling a strumming.

A deep deep vibration from within.

You weren’t sure of what it was and even now you doubt.

But hear Me – I am calling you deeper.

I don’t want you just to be able to feel the beat of My heart – I want you to be in rhythm with it.

The strumming you  feel is resonating from the strings that connect our hearts.

Don’t fight it, don’t fear it, embrace it.

For I am creating a new song for us – one that speaks of beauty and grace, that is what reverberates through your being – our song.

So, come away with Me.

I am calling you deeper.

Come dance with Me – it is here that our hearts will meld.

I want more of you.

It’s time to go deeper.

Deeper than ever before.

So, listen – to the strum.

Feel the vibration – for it is My love that resonates within your heart.

It’s time.

It’s time to beat in rhythm.



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