Love… like the Father


You’ve prayed and asked what it means to love like Me.

What it means to have a heart like mine.

You’ve said ‘ you desire and crave

– to love like I do.

When you truly love like Me there will be no differentiation between your love for people and My love – for it will all be one love.

Are you sure you want this?

You see My love is not only a wholehearted commitment – it’s a lifestyle.

My love is deep







To love like Me.

Means you’re willing to lay everything down for it.

To lay down you’re selfish desires, wants, needs, your own prerogative – no selfish motivation or manipulation in this love.

Because My love is pure.

My love is all you need.

When you love like I do people see a beauty they never knew existed.

It is here in this love that healing occurs and freedom begins.

It’s here where belonging is known and real beauty is seen.

Here where the deepest pains and torments are poured out.

Are you ready to be a part of this?

Do you still want to love like I do?

Are you ready to love like the Father?



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