The word inscribe means “to dedicate.” To dedicate is to devote oneself “wholly and earnestly” to something. The entirety of this blog is about a journey inscribed. A journey in which the sole purpose is to wholly and earnestly seek after and find the heart of God.

Over the past year God has whispered many words to my heart, most of which were written down in poems. It was in this collection of poems that I realized God was calling me to a deeper place. A place of revelation. However, to get to this deep place of revelation requires but one thing, a journey of brokenness.

This journey is for the weak and weary, for those who are faint of heart, and for those whose only desire is to know the Father deeply. Brokenness is not something that thrills me, but knowing God deeper, more, and better absolutely does. So, for those of you on your own journey, know that you are not alone and that there is purpose in every step along the way.

Come join me on my Journey Inscribed.



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