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A text to my best friend

contains my raw reality

“I feel like such a failure.”

The reply almost instantaneous.

“You must say no to that lie. Ask God what you are, my dear. Really.”

So God, here I am.

With one question…

What am I, really?

Dear One,

You are learning

to follow me

to trust

to live my call.

So dear to my heart.

Cherished by me for more than what you see contained within you.


Dear One,

You are Mine.

You follow My heart.

You listen to My voice.

You seek My face.

You are mine.

And I am wholly devoted to you.



What Is This?

There is a need deep inside that I can’t explain.

An insatiable craving that just can’t be stopped.

Everyday I feel it more and more.

There are moments where it seems to tear the very core of me apart.

Yet there are times where it is the only thing that keeps me going.

At points I dread it for it seems to throw my world into chaos.

But then there are moments where its the only clarity I have.

What is this that won’t let me go?

What is this that tells me I am worth more than I realize?

What is this that breaks me gently, tenderly?

Lord, is this… Love?

Cannot Help But…

Dear One.

Quiet yourself.

Hear me.

I love you.

You question it,

you doubt it,

you argue with me about it.

But I love you anyways.

I cannot help but love you, dear one.

My heart resonates for you.

I long to see you,

to hear you say my name.

I cherish all moments with you.

When doubt creeps in.

When you convince yourself that I shouldn’t love you

due to your sin or past, even your present flaws.

Remember this moment.

Remember me whispering “I can’t help but love you.”

Hearing me say again and again “I can’t help but love you.”

Hear me shout at the top of my lungs “I CAN”T HELP BUT LOVE YOU!”

Dear one, I love you, I love you, I love you.

There is no end to this love…

It does not cease.

Will You?


Will you delight in Me?
Even if you stumble?
Even if you fall?
Will you delight in Me?
For I am your deliverer.
Take your refuge in Me.
Hope in –
Follow –
Wait for Me.
Will you delight in Me?
Even when the storms roll in.
Even when the doubts confront your mind.
Will you run to my embrace?
Will you delight in Me?
Ponder my great works.
For I have redeemed your life.
I’ve crowned you with love and compassion.
I am your strength
Your redemption
Your saving grace
And your open arms of love.
So will you come and delight in Me?


At Your Feet


To sit at Your feet.
Oh what a beautiful place.
To breathe in Your very presence.
Brings peace to the shattered heart.
It is here that who we are is known.
We are Yours –
Forever Yours.
Here at Your feet –
There is delight.
For it is here that we delight in You.
Here at your feet –
There is freedom.
No where else can such freedom be found.
Here at Your feet –
We revel in Your beauty –
Breathe in Your grace –
And proclaim to the nations who You are.


Be With Me


Be in My presence.

Dwell in My love.

Rest in My embrace.

Seek Me.

Desire Me.

Your heart is crying out for more,

More of Me.

Your soul burns with a new hunger.

To know Me – is the whisper that escapes you.

So be swept away by My love.

To know Me.

To find Me.

For I am here.

In the fiercest storm and

Even in the faintest whisper.

Be with Me.




It’s in the intimate times that all fear is driven away.

It’s here that true love is experienced.

Intimacy with Me is your safe place.

Here you will know Me –

It’s here Moses caught a glimpse of Me.

It’s here where you will see Me with your own eyes.

In the intimate moments you will experience My very fragrance.

You will know Me for yourself in new ways.

In the intimacy there will be …






No one can offer you the intimacy that I can.

Stop seeking it and trying to manipulate it out of others.

Because they can’t give you what I can.

Only I offer this type of love.

This type of intimacy.

Trust Me.

Come to Me.

Only Me.