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Remember, Jesus is always the answer

My friend and I have a running joke that Jesus is always the answer. In the end we both hold to the same belief, that Jesus being the answer is the truest thing either of us could ever say.

Lately this belief has been echoing through my heart. Although I’ve noticed it seems to have a tinny kind of sound to it these days. So I stopped in the midst of the busyness of life to contemplate and mull over this belief. After hours (and seemingly days) of mulling over my past, my life, and my reality I discovered one big discrepancy. I never took the belief of Jesus being the answer to all of my hopes, dreams, fears, insecurities, and weaknesses to heart. This belief has never apparently made it past my brain.

I know that God wants my heart all of it. I realize now that I have been holding back on him. It’s created a deep set restlessness within me and I have turned everywhere to escape that feeling. All the while missing the point Jesus is the answer. It may seem simple and it is actually, but it is so hard to give up control of my heart. My heart is the one thing that is truly mine. The one thing that no can take away. For this entire year God has been asking me to give him my heart all of it; holding nothing back. I’ve dodged, dived, and ducked away from doing it, to my own pain and dissatisfaction. But I now see clearly that if i want to grow and mature from who I am now, I must relinquish control of my heart. I must in order to make my heart know that Jesus is the answer.

So here’s to letting go.




Lately, you’ve been feeling a strumming.

A deep deep vibration from within.

You weren’t sure of what it was and even now you doubt.

But hear Me – I am calling you deeper.

I don’t want you just to be able to feel the beat of My heart – I want you to be in rhythm with it.

The strumming you  feel is resonating from the strings that connect our hearts.

Don’t fight it, don’t fear it, embrace it.

For I am creating a new song for us – one that speaks of beauty and grace, that is what reverberates through your being – our song.

So, come away with Me.

I am calling you deeper.

Come dance with Me – it is here that our hearts will meld.

I want more of you.

It’s time to go deeper.

Deeper than ever before.

So, listen – to the strum.

Feel the vibration – for it is My love that resonates within your heart.

It’s time.

It’s time to beat in rhythm.


Be Honest

Be honest with Me, little one. Tell me – Stop holding it all in and tell Me the truth.

You tell Me you’re fine – but I see the tears you try to hold back.

Speak to Me beloved!

Tell Me what consumes your heart…


That’s what consumes me.

I can’t escape it, or avoid it – for it washes over me.

I know I should be stronger than this, I know I need to continue to persevere, to continue forward.

It’s just so difficult, overwhelmingly frustrating, so discouraging.

I feel trapped, locked in the confines of reality.

Faith and hope wane every passing day.

I’m at a loss of what to do. Where to go – how to live even daily life.

I’ve done all that I know how. Stretched in every way I can think of – but to no avail.

The mountains don’t budge, the waters don’t part, even the bush seems to burn in unmoving silence.

And so defeat crashes against me –

Slowly eroding a once solid bedrock.

Angst seems to dwell in the pit of my belly.

It seizes my heart, trying to bend it to it’s ways.

My heart is beaten down, battered by defeat and discouragement.

But all the while it continues on, because of one thing alone.

My heart belongs to You.

No matter how bruised, no matter how torn, no matter how raw.

It stays steadfast to You.

Regardless of the pain, despite the heartache.

I know that it is Your love and truth that keeps me together.

Defeat may crash against me, but it will not conquer.

For I belong to You.

It is in You – I have the strength to stand, to go on.

I will humbly walk through brokenness if it means that I am with You.

For it is you God that my heart seeks after.

Whatever the cost,

I walk on.

Even in the midst of seeming defeat.